Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Yesterday we came home later than we usually do. We should be doing it more often. Sebastian needs it very much. We were at my friend's and Sebastian's godmother's place, and although he has visited there many times before, he acted fearful. He was not throwing tantrums, but he tensed up and was raising his hands up in his nervous defensive gesture quite a few times. He got comfortable after a while but was staring at the oil portrait hanging on the wall with considerable apprehension. He never seemed to pay attention to the painting before.

The problem with going to other people's houses and new places is Sebastian's considerable destructive power. He chews on everything he can reach. If he does not chew on things, he knocks them down, crawls under carpets, topples TV sets. So when I am not in my physical or mental top shape to predict, asses and, if required, prevent what he will do next, our escapades simply create dangerous situations for Sebastian and any surroundings we happen to venture into. On the other hand, he desperately needs a lot of exposure. I think it is detrimental to his future ability to cope with new places and situations to deny him this.

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