Friday, March 20, 2009

Autism Crisis in Ontatio

These are some reasons why the situation of autistic children in Ontario is dire:

  • The number of kids diagnosed with autism is growing. Now one on 150 kids are diagnosed.

  • According to unofficial sources, about 2 000 children are on the waiting list and they are expected to wait three years or longer, missing the window of opportunity for the most effective period of treatment.

  • Children who are given treatment receive, on average, 50% or less scientifically recommended hours.

  • Kids are discharged after just months of treatment, before they are capable or ready to learn from their environment.

  • The cost of treatment in government run institutions is 3-5 times as expensive as the same service provided by private providers.

  • Schools are not prepared to handle autistic education. For each autistic child they enroll, schools are receiving an amount of money that would pay for privately supplied IBI. However schools only provide babysitting service by an EA (Educational Assistant). These workers generally have very little or no knowledge about autism, and are not trained in IBI therapy.

  • Parents are forced to give up custody of their children if they want them placed in the long term care institutions.

These are not enough reasons for government to start acting.

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