Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vocal stimming

Sebastian was a very chatty baby, and he was babbling a lot since he was three months old. I was expecting him to start talk early, because we are all talkers, and my younger sister was talking before she was one and mastered full language by the age of two.

I started to worry when Sebastian was 18 months, and still not talking. He was became very fond of walking around staring at fine print on toothpaste tube. He started "mouthing" everything a little later, and he does it to this day with a lot of enthusiasm and vigor to everything that is not edible. Food is quite a different matter and he gags easily on just the sight of spoon filled up with food.

Since the age of two when Sebastian uttered any sound, it would 95% of the time explode in full blown tantrum just a second later. And it is only since last summer that that behaviour has changed and become less frequent.

I was forced to develop the ability to mentally duck down and block his screams since it often is happening when I am performing some kind of task requiring my attention, like driving or shopping - it takes a lot of mental energy though.

I find myself surprised and delighted listening to new and sometimes quite loud sounds he makes now that do not become high pitched screams. He sounds sometimes as if he was telling himself a story. "What you are saying?" I ask, and he looks at me and stops, and it takes another while of silence until he starts again.

It is called vocal stimming but it is music to my ears.

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