Tuesday, February 10, 2009

School visit

Yesterday, I visited Sebastian's school to observe his speech therapy. It is a small, private, efficiently run institution. The building is cozy and the air is filled with kid's and therapist's chatter. All the staff working there are fantastic. Dedicated, professional, friendly, smart, beautiful inside and out, they perform work incredibly difficult and taxing with ease and a smile. The enormity of the effort that is spent on every single child is difficult to exaggerate. The work and dedication of these workers changes lives. It has already changed our life. Sebastian is much happier and calmer and less aggressive than he was even half a year ago. He is more independent. He understand and is much more aware his surroundings. This reduces my stress and makes my life easier. I know that our future is going to be better because of what already has been accomplished.
I will never be able to say "Thank you" enough.

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  1. :)Thank you Maryna for the kind words
    I am going to share this with all the staff