Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My reflections on what happened at the party.

On Planet Sebastian, pain and /or frustration = aggression.
Sebastian is 5 years old. He has a long way to go and a lot to learn.

The birthday incident was contained and resolved by the family. The scratched ear was swabbed by disinfectant; the victim was comforted by his father, and offender was removed from the premises by his mother.

Sebastian is five years old. If Sebastian were fifteen the story probably would have had quite a different ending. There would be a 911 call. There would be police and ambulance, maybe even a stun gun. Eventually, Sebastian would have to be placed in some kind of institution where he would be prevented from injuring himself and others. He would be monitored and controlled, probably using tranquilizers. Sebastian is very strong for his age. He will most likely live for a long time. He will need decades of care. This will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, adding up to millions of dollars over the course of his life time. There are currently thousands of kids like Sebastian not receiving adequate help, who, in five to ten years, will not be able to be cared for by their families any longer. The fact is that adequate IBI therapy administered now, when the children are young and most receptive to the treatment, could save taxpayers millions of dollars in long-term care costs a decade from now. This is part of what parents of autistic children are saying in their desperate rallys, letters and petitions asking the Canadian government for help. But who is listening?

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