Monday, February 9, 2009


Last week it was Sebastian, this week it is me. This morning I would not get off the bed unless I absolutely had to. Poor Sebastian. If I knew how poorly he must of felt, I wouldn't have pushed him so hard last week, and I would let him stay at home for a couple of days longer. But since I do not know exactly how long he will be able to go to therapy, every day of it is precious.


  1. We have this cold in our house too. Max got it first, and I made him go to all of his therapy appointments. Now that I've had it, I think he is one heck of a trooper as I wanted to curl up into a ball in the corner and die.

  2. This is exactly the point!
    It happened many times. Sebastian usually has a good reason for being "cranky". He just can not express it, and I cannot figure it out. It took me a long time to understand that allergies were bothering him, since I do not have allergies. Nobody in my family does. I was giving him allergy medication long after allergy season though when he was irritable.