Sunday, February 15, 2009

Birthday party

It was my brother's birthday, and we went on short notice. My brother's place is spacious and there is some room to run around for Sebastian, and that is good. His parties are never too crowded, and that is good too. I spent the first hour the way I usually do when we visit other people houses: running after Sebastian and removing from his hands objects he tries to chew on--remote controls, computer mice, phones, rubber gloves, plastic bags, toothpaste tubes, etc. Sebastian was jumping on beds and couches, turning the lights on and off, turning the water taps on, ripping the plastic from the windows, opening the fridge, taking his clothes off. Had it been a first year university crowd, he might have been the life of the party!

Then he got a bit more restless. While running past my 16 year old niece, he grabbed her long blond hair and pulled really hard. It took two people to free her. I was holding Sebastian's wrists and my sister-in-law was opening his fingers one by one. Everybody became a bit uneasy, especially my younger niece, and I was considering going home at that point. But Sebastian calmed down. New guests were just arriving whom I had not seen for years, so I wanted stay just a bit longer and reconnect.

Among people that just arrived was boy one year younger than Sebastian. Sweet and bright, he was sitting by his father, listening to the conversation. Just as he got up Sebastian launched at him, grabbed him by his hair and ears. We were all close, but since there was little warning, and I was not expecting it at all I was not able to prevent it. The boy got scratched and started to cry. So did Sebastian and we went home right then, accompanied by sounds of crying and apologies mixed together.

Sebastian attacked somebody his own age once before, over six months ago. It was as we were exiting the plane after an eight hour flight. I think his ears must of hurt after the landing. He grabbed the hair of a girl his height, in line in front of him. I was also taken by surprise at that time. He often grabs my hair during his tantrums, and I ended up cutting it really short, but going for a stranger is quite another matter. I will have to be much more careful with him in public from now on.

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  1. I always worry about taking my son Max places, especially to parties where I worry about what he will do if he gets stressed out in unfamiliar surroundings. I also find it very hard to see him side by side with typically developing children. It just puts a spotlight on how different he is. I'm sorry that Sebastian had a hard time at the end of the party, and it can't have been easy for you either! {Big hugs}