Friday, January 9, 2009

Why it is not so good to be autistic in Ontario.

If my son had a split lip, the medicare would pay for his operation to make his speech and life better, but because it is his brain that is disfigured and not his face, he is not covered by medicare and he was allowed to double his age waiting for province funding for therapy.

If my son had a disfigured limb the medicare would pay for his treatment and prosthesis and professional physiotherapist, but because it is his central nervous system and social function and ability to learn by mimicking that is damaged he is send to off to regular school were autism therapists are nor even allowed.

If 1 out of every 92 of 2 years old boys fallen victim to polio epidemic the entire health system would be in state of high alert, but because autism is not airborne as far as we know so far nobody cares. Blame bad genes and let their parents worry.

Do I sound a bit bitter?

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