Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I do not film Sebastian's outbursts. It is not anything that a parent wants to remember or share with other people.

This video was taken with my digital camera last summer. It is dark and grainy, and Sebastian is naked on it - he has some sensory issues, and when he can he is very quick to undress himself. Tantrums are caused by pain or frustration or fear. Often I have a hard time figuring out what is wrong or I am unable to fix the problem. So I let the tantrum run its course, trying my best to ignore him untill he calms down. Since he is non-verbal, I can only wonder if he is in pain - maybe from headache, maybe from tummy ache.

During those outbursts Sebastian bites his hands and his feet (self aggression). He also tries to grab the face or hair of the people near him (aggression). At Children's College every such incident during his IBI sessions is documented. In recent months the frequency of these has decreased significantly. Before his last assessment, charts with this data were submitted to my Regional Centre.

Sebastian's discharge report comments as folows:

"As well, a review of the hand/foot in mouth chart indicates a general decreasing trend in this behavour. A similar decreasing trend is also noted in the number of bites per session. Currently these behaviours were occurring at lower than the baseline levels. Their impact on Sebastian's learning is unknown."

Have I mentioned that person who signed this report has a psychology PhD? Do they take those away?


  1. me too i make videos upload them and they look much worse as videos than they do in real life (or maybe watching it again on video makes me feel worse) so I never post them.

    I am sickened by this paragraph from the psychologist. They are most of them going to hell.

  2. Hope you don't mind me saying appears like your precious has teeth pain most likely...6 year molars perhaps? My son did this for 4 months straight, just starting to subside...tantrums if not out of frustration for our non--verbal children often are a result of pain, God Bless them.

    T.Saunders, oakville