Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Development Chart

I have made that chart according to Sebastian first assessment when he was diagnosed, and according to discharge assessment. As it shows Sebastian has done a lot of progress in last 18 months. For people who like numbers he improved on average by 89% in 18 months. The most improved areas are his daily living skills and receptive language.

Here is a quote from the discharge assessment
The purpose of IBI is to change a child developmental trajectories. His development remains in the Low range of functioning for his age, indicating that IBI has not been effective in changing his rate of learning in the 18 months he had IBI.


(...) A plan of discharge from IBI needs to be discussed.

I think that the chart speaks for itself.

Click on the chart to enlarge.


  1. Hi - You are not alone. I know how crushing it is to hear the news the "experts" say your child is not worth it. When you know they are worth everything. My son was also released for a lack of progress - his rate of improvement was over 700% - not good enough. We went through the appeal process (a waste of time since they control the decision) and it did not help. Hamilton has a history of not keeping kids more than 2 years. They can always drum up some excuse to get a kid out. I'm trying to focus on the positive that we did have service and to be grateful for what we had. I will also no longer have to deal with their BS and negatativty.

  2. Thank you for your comment.
    The most upsetting though was that my boy was refused help that he so desperately needs. All with smile and looking me straight in my eyes. With professional poise and calm, and "concern" in their voice. Like if they were trying to hypnotize me.
    "He will do better at school" I was told.
    I was shocked. I still am dumbfounded, and I do not have words to describe the what I feel when I think about it.