Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gluten free pancakes

I am rather shy about sharing my experience and giving advice to other parents of autistic children, because everybody deals with their challenges differently. Mainstream medicine offers very little. Every parent is left to their own devices, intellect, education, intuition, beliefs. And therefore outcomes vary, and are very personal. What for some people is too much, for others is not nearly enough. And most people tend to have very strong feelings about the subject. The only other thing I have seen people as touchy about is religion. And we all know where that can take us...

So take it or leave it, here it is:
I do not like cooking. Sebastian does not like eating much or many different foods. Getting used to a gluten-free diet was quite an adjustment. But when he was hungry, and I had nothing else and needed some food quick I did this:

1 large egg or two small ones
1 shredded fresh apple or little cup of apple sauce from the store (100ml),
pinch of salt
some cinnamon,
tablespoon of oil
tablespoon or two of gluten-free flour( Rice or tapioca or potato or any other )
a little bit of xantam gum to keep it all together.

I mix it with fork in a large cup.
Fry in little pancakes in oil or coconut butter.

The batter can also be combined with leftover cereal, ground flax seeds, finely shredded carrots, pears or bananas instead of apples, etc.

Good luck!

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  1. Maryna - thank you for sharing your family's story on your blog. I have recently started blogging about my son Max's journey with Autism. I'm hoping that if all of us parents with kids with ASD get our stories out there, we can get some change happening if the woefully underfunded support system for ABA therapy in Ontario.